Hi, I'm Brian Culler. I currently live in beautiful Midtown Atlanta, GA.

Some photographs.

In 2002, Steven Romej and I wrote Blur6ex, a blogging platform that predated most other established blogging platforms.

In 2004, I wrote a cutting edge forum software that had live auto-updating threads, advanced QuickQuote technology, community up/downvoting, and all the AJAX was written in straight Javascript because I didn't know better. It was named Metaforum. It's still being used to run the ForumAtlanta messageboard, but no one posts there much.

In 2008 I went to go work for a startup called Vitrue. We sold it to Oracle in the summer of 2012. Almost everything good in my life, I owe to that experience. That last sentence contains foreshadowing.

In 2010, I launched DropJobs.com, which was an easy to use applicant tracking system for managing hiring efforts.

In 2013, @april_culler said she'd like to get married, so I got that going for me, which is nice. Remember the foreshadowing from before? Pow, here's what it was referencing.

In 2014 I started a project called UrbanHenge that was to be a site for tracking the development and construction of highrises around the world.

Here's my resume if you're into that type of thing.